Aug 28, 2011

Top 10 Car Modifications in the USA

xbox kitMany of us just buy our cars to use them to get to work or do our daily tasks. But many celebrities and car lovers modify their cars and “pimp” them for the lack of better term. Engine and body modifications are quite popular but they can be quite costly too.

This infographic by sheds lights on top car modifications and how much they could cost you:

Aug 22, 2011

9 of the Most Impressive Balanced Stones in the World

balanced_rocks_00Earth may be one of the most geologically active planets in the solar system, but don’t tell that to these 9 brazenly oblivious balanced stones.

Poised between inertial stability and the relentless force of gravity, these rock-steady rocks maintain a precarious balance between soil and sky.

Aug 4, 2011

White Sands National Monument: The World's Largest Gypsum Dune Field

White_Sands_National_Monument_01Located at the northern end of the Chihuahuan Desert of Southern New Mexico, lies the amazing national treasure known as the White Sands National Monument. Within this national monument you will find the largest concentration of white pristine gypsum sand in the world.

This almost snow-like-sand is produced by the Tularosa Basin. The basin was formed by the collapse of a dome made up of the gypsum sand. The collapse occurred about ten million years ago and what remains of the sides of the original dome are what we now call the San Andreas and Sacramento Mountain ranges.

The World’s Most Dangerous Sports [INFOGRAPHIC]

While it is healthy to get out and about, workout, or play recreational sports, the sports we’re taking a look at today don’t necessarily fit the bill. While they will get adrenaline pumping through your body and give you a rush of blood to the head, they may also deliver an abrupt end to your life. Proceed with caution.

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