Jan 28, 2010

NEOPLAN Jumbocruiser - World's Largest Bus

The NEOPLAN Jumbocruiser was an articulated double-deck multi-axle city coach built by NEOPLAN Bus GmbH between 1975 and 1992. It is only possible to move between the two parts via the upper deck, so they have separate doors and two sets of stairs.

Jumbocruiser Ltd., based near Bristol in England, have recently completed the total rebuild of the last Neoplan Jumbocruiser ever built. The coach had rolled over in an accident in Southern France, possibly due to a design flaw in the suspension, combined with a primitive turntable system.

Jumbocruiser Ltd. used the services of Richard Cœur de Lyon (now called the Caross Center) near Mons in Belgium to completely strip down the old coach and rebuild it to a more modern design, and with modified suspension. A modern digital turntable was prepared and fitted by HÜBNER in Germany. The internal combustion engine, gearbox, braking system, wiring looms, and even the dashboard were replaced and upgraded. The new dashboard is now a modernised semi-digital wrap-around unit, instead of the original rust-prone flat unit. Modern front and end caps were fitted, and were eventually reduced after they were found to be too wide.

By 2007, Jumbocruiser Ltd. began to market the bus as a "rock 'n' roll" star sleeper bus.

Source, Pics: Andreas Schneider, Thomas Umbach


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