Feb 6, 2010

Bigfoot 5 - World's Biggest & Heaviest Monster Truck

MAKE: 1996 FORD F250 Pickup Truck

OWNER/DRIVER: Bob Chandler


ENGINE SIZE: 460 cubic inch Ford

INFORMATION: BIGFOOT 5 is the worlds biggest & heaviest monster truck, weighing in at over 28,000 lbs, & stands at 15'6" tall.
It was built in the summer of 1986, and made it's first apperance at the Fall Jamboree in Indianapolis.
BIGFOOT 5's tires where first spotted in the backyard of monster truck driver Mike Walsh (Monster Mash) in Seattle.
They where from an Alakian Land Train, used by the US Army in the late 1950's. Mike wanted $30,000 for them, but Bob declined.
A year later, while at the show in Seattle, Bob returned, but Mike still wanted the same price. Then the next year Jim Kramer(Vice President) was attending the show in Seattle, & while on the phone to Bob, Bob told Jim to offer Mike $1,000 a tire. Mike accepted & they bought 4 tires from him. Six months later they bought the remaining 4 tires for $700. a tire.
BIGFOOT 5 is kept outside the home of BIGFOOT.
To move BIGFOOT 5 to a show,it takes a crew of three people, with the aid of a fork lift truck, 3 hours to change the tires. It is transported in a special transport trailer, which also accommodates the fork lift truck. It used to sometimes appear with dual tires (8 tires in total. These 4 spare tires are now on BIGFOOT 7, which is identical to BIGFOOT 5, apart from the paint scheme. That lives at the Race Rock Cafe in Florida.

BIGFOOT 5 with dual 10 foot tall tires.
Bigfoot 5 in action!


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Truly massive truck. Bob Chandler is surely lucky to have "FORD F250 Pickup Truck" which is the most gigantic truck in the world. Thanks for sharing BIGFOOT 5" with us.

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