Apr 11, 2010

World's Most Bravest Uniformed Ladies

Soldiers are one of the most wanted and paid profession in the world but women hasn’t been soldiers until now. So here is some of women soldiers from around the world. You will find that some of them are really hot ;) Enjoy!


 Czech Republic
 New Zealand
 United Kingdom


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"New Zealand" uniform is actually Australia's - look at the flag emblem

Well... they are all pretty ladies, but the brazilian one is actually a model called Ana Hickmann. She is just posing with uniform, she is not a soldier.

the indonesian one is not a soldier. she's actually a model who wins the title of puteri indonesia back in 2006 (i think). and she is not wearing the soldier uniform. that is actually a police woman uniform.

it's wrong, the brazilian chick it's a model.

Ladys from Turkey is not soldier. They are cop. This uniform usualy used on public "happening" (i dont want to use "riot"). Media call them as "Robocop".

The one from Holland is actually Canadian. (look at the cap badge) it's a Canadian Logistics cap badge, on a Nato Baret.

This thread, although it was a good idea, obviously didn't have the correct research done.


@A. Adlilah, you're right bro.

She's Nadine Chandrawinata, former Putri Indonesia (Miss Indonesia) 2005, dressed in police women uniform to celebrate 62nd Anniversary of Indonesian Police (Hari Bhayangkara).


Is Kenya supposed to be a joke?

Actually, dude, the Holland chick is Canadian, you are right, but it is a Logistics cap badge on an AIR FORCE beret.

goddamn some of you fags look for any little thing to bitch at, its a gallery of hot bitches that's all i see it as i could care less if they were in the military or not, that being said i would let that black haired serbian girl and the romanian beat me up anytime

Chinese girl is a police officer, not a soldier.

omg! India has a Nijmegen 4 Daagse medal!! Way to go!!!

The young lady you have as being from Holland is a member of the Canadian Airforce, Logistics branch.

The dutch do not wear cap badges with the Queen's Crown and maple leaves. or Cadpat camouflage uniforms.

I just stopped by to post what I saw about the brazilian girl, but I see 2 person already comment the same.

the beautiful brazilian girl is a model, her name is Ana Hickmann and that was probably an advertising pic.

The Holland chick is actually from Canada

This post is called World's most bravest uniformed ladies, but clearly it is just hot chicks in uniform, which would be a much better title. but i'm not complaining, there's some beautiful babes in there.
Also it doesn't say they need to be Soldiers, it just says uniform.

that lady from nepal is insanely beautiful.

Romania has good looking women in all the military branches - Army, Air force, Navy. Unfortunately you picked the Jandarmeria !

From indonesia, she is not uniform girls... she is miss universe from Indonesia... His name is Nadine Chandrawinata...

@adhi: "her" name.. not his name

The girl from Finland looks like she can suck a good pistol... ;-)

Brazil chick is actually supermodel Ana Hickman. Tasty.


nice collection of uniformed ladies

"Anonymous July 10, 2010 4:31 PM


Read the introduction. It speaks of 'Soldiers'.

ough I love that smart arses... anonymous said it clear: *uniformed ladies* and what wonderful pictures...! I love this pictures and ladies!

Thak you! :- )

"World's MOST Biggest" That, sir, is incorrect grammar.
It's the World's Biggest blah blah blah.

I think the women from Norway & Serbia are gorgeous <3

Whoops, I saw Biggest, not Bravest ^_^"

One Algerian girl has the action open on her shotgun and appears to be handing it over to her adversary. The other looks confused after pushing the little button and having her magazine fall to the ground.

The indonesian one is lie.. she is not a police.. she is miss indonesia.. nadine chandrawinata..

Yup, she's not a police but she's wearin' a uniform, read the title, again.

Norwegian girl is my favorite- GG!

I AM the girl in the New Zealand pic and I am in the Australian Army... Ahhh, who cares. I'm just chuffed I even got on the list! Woo hoo!

The Algerian Solider in the middle has no idea what the hell she is doing. Finger on the trigger while trying to figure out how to load the damn weapon. Also note the hippie Canadian chick.



By Mr.Perfection! :)

in fact the iranian girls are models they are wearing new beautiful uniforms , they are so sexy.

Yeah, theyre hott, but any girl can be hott and tough at the same time.

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What about Kurds Ladies they are bravest women

OMG!! Indonesian girls are very skinny. different from the other..

Only about 6 of these are actually female soldiers. The rest are either promo picks using models or police officers

Just for accuracy, the woman you have listed for Holland is actually Canadian. She was a participant in an annual military march called the Nijmegen Marches. Sorry to burst your bubble. And she is Air Force, not NATO. Wrong shade of blue.

the chick from Holland is actually a Canadian Air Force log. She is NOT wearing a NATO beret. That's blue beret for Cdn Air Force.

Sigh...Should I even bother pointing out that there's no country called "French"? You managed to get proper noun for all the other countries, though. Why the adjective instead of "France"?


what about french and israeli military girls???

...what exactly makes those dumbfucks "brave"???

Mostly are models however interesting post

veitnam chick are so cute!!:- )

and where wtf is denmark :(((? cmon again dude...

All the girls smile and just the ones from India and Iran are said.Weird.

french is not a country...

Some are forced service not really bravest.

"Most bravest"??? Sheesh. That's as lame as the fact that so many of these "soldiers" are posed models. We need to honor those women who are REALLY defending their countries.

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