May 14, 2010

5 Strongest Alcoholic Drinks in the World

alcohol-drinks Have you ever walked into your local liquor store and wondered, without reading the labels of each and every bottle there, which is the strongest alcohol they sell? Which would let you get the most bang for your buck? Which to slip into your dates drink to ‘loosen her up?’ (By the way, don’t do that.)


1. Everclear

As anyone who has ever imbibed Everclear will tell you, there is no wonder it made the top of the list. Available in potency up to 95% alcohol by volume (190 proof), this stuff is banned from sale in 13 states in the U.S. However, in those states you can buy the weaker, 151 proof variety. Short of home-distilled sour-mash moonshine, you don’t legally get much stronger than Everclear. The best part? Everclear is flavorless, like good vodka is supposed to be. It is odorless as well, so it can basically be added to any drink or cocktail to give it one hell of a kick in the ass.


2. Devil Springs Vodka

Devil Springs Vodka

Typical vodkas, in keeping with the Russian, Lithuanian, and Polish vodka traditions, is typically proofed somewhere between 76 (38% alcohol by volume) and 100 (50% by volume). New Jersey decided to say ‘Fuck you, tradition’ and came out with a rather rebellious 160 proof (80% alcohol by volume) vodka, Devil’s Springs Vodka. According to their sources, they claim it is a great proof for flavoring with your own preference, then diluting it with 50% water, bringing it back down to vodka standards. We at Regretful Morning say: Bite Me. (Please note, that ‘Me’ is collective). We’d rather flavor it, then drink the 160 proof delight ourselves, nice and strong, you know, to show those Russians just what kind of pussies they are.


3. Absinthe


Absinthe, aka the Green Fairy, comes in at number three on our list. Banned from sale in the United States since 1913, it took a Frenchman with a desire to succeed and affinity for being uncharacteristically unFrench by not giving up to get this ban overturned in 2007. Made from the Wormwood herb, alleged to possess psychedelic properties, this green liquor had gained a cult following, thanks primarily to its banning and the nickname. Ranking at 144 proof, this potent potable is typically consumed mixed with water. The water is generally poured over an Absinthe spoon with a sugar cube on it to take away the bite. The reason this drink beats out some of the 150 proof spirits is because, due to its cult following, and the hallucinogenic properties attributed to it, it will both kick your ass, take your name, and proceed to kick your name’s ass.


4. Bacardi 151

Bacardi 151

This 151 proof rum is used for making rum-based cocktails stronger, and lighting your shots on fire before downing them. Not coincidentally, Bacardi is the only manufacturer of strong rums to employ a flame arresting cap on every bottle. If, however, you appreciate a strong, healthy tradition of rich, strong drinks, than you’d enjoy something more along the lines of STROH Rum, a 160 proof Austrian rum, who totes the ability to spread the Austrian rum traditions.


5. Sierra Silver Tequila

Sierra Silver Tequila

Beaten out by the Bacardi 151 by exactly ½% alcohol by volume, here’s the final entry on our list. Sierra Silver, aka “The Rock That bites” claims to be the heart of Mexico. While the bottle DOES have some crazy, kick-ass looking sombrero for a lid, anything that’s 150 proof can’t claim to be the heart of anything, nor the stomach. That much high octane juice inside you, anywhere, is likely to cause spontaneous awesome, bouts of a mysteriously sexy Mexican accent, and chronic sexy parties. That’s right, we’re officially nominating the Sierra Silver as the sexiest high-proof drink out there because, in addition to being a tequila that actually will lay you out the next morning, it’s got a fancy hat.



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What a bullshit list. What about St. Vincent Sunset Very Strong Rum? If you are going to post a top five list at least do the homework.

I agree, They never mention our rum. Sitting at 84.5% alcohol by volume it has a serious kick.

The absinthe says 60% alcohol in the pic. 60% = 120 proof. biblical fail

Spirytus Stawski from Poland has Everclear beat at 96%. It can be found in the Chicago area.

god i would kill for a bottle of spirytus. Can't find it anywhere around me. makes everclear taste like water.

Everclear doesn't count because it's made for mixing drinks. NOT drinking straight.

yup agreed spirytus should be on top of this list, that thing hits

If you cannot smell or taste Everclear you have some very serious problems with your olfactory/gustatory cells and/or cranial nerves.

Everclear smells pleasant enough. However, it tastes terrible. Last but not least IT BURNS! GOD, IT BURNS! Unless you have killed off the nerves in your palette, it will let you know you just drank something horrible.

The only person I knew who didn't balk at 95% ethanol also didn't have a problem drinking gasoline straight from the pump. The guy was a chain smoker who couldn't taste or smell most anything.

what about potcheen a 90% alcohol from ireland and it can be up to 97% illegal but good luck getting that outside of a rural town in ireland or moonshine made by medieval english smugglers and real vodka produced by western europe can be stronger than that the only restrictions is that it has to be more than 37.5 and it can only be made from wheat rye or starch or sugar products

All of it does not exist in the Philippines but we have here our own sets of wines. mattscradle

mm, i'de say absinthe = 70% burns all down your heart, chest, throat and tounge, has a VERY strong taste to it too :/ x

Pays : Canada
Région : Province de Québec
Fournisseur : Alcool Global
Pourcentage d'alcool : 96.4%

What about Poteen can be purchased at 90% abv

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Using oven dried CaO2 (brickies lime) and a reflux setup (with drying tubes) I once distilled my best home moonshine up to the otherwise impossible 100% pure ethanol. It was not pleasant to drink, and evaporated so fast whilst being impossible to drink in large gulps that it actually never made it down the throat as a liquid, but evaporated/absorbed into the lining of the mouth and throat. (of course I did not mix it with anything, after going to all that work to remove every last drop of water). Anyway, having tried it, my advice is not to do it.

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What about turkish raki that's like 50-70 perecent

Russians pussies??? Looks like soneone is reallt jealous and infamous around some areas. Get a life, no one drinks that 170 proof piece of shit. Only the ones who do not have a sence of taste and a piece of brain drink that. I use that 170 proof crap as a fire fuek for decorating food.

Russians pussies??? Looks like someone is really jealous and infamous around some areas. Get a life, no one drinks that 170 proof piece of shit. Only the ones who do not have a sence of taste and a piece of brain drink that. I use that 170 proof crap as a fire fuel for decorating food.

Alcohol, a potent toxin that has caused more individual and societal sorrow than any other drug.

Sadly, firms and governments promulgate the use of the toxin, successfully convincing so many that fun and enjoyment requires numbing your senses.

I believe that individuals and society would be much better off if marijuana replaced the drug of choice for the weak-minded easily-influenced members of the human herd... that foul toxin alcohol.

Just dont screw up your immune system trying to act cool

Ur all dickheads alcohol is fine as long as u r sensible with it u and i know for a fact that people make their own choices in life in a christian yet i like to get pissed in the head so think about it

Everclear can be drank straight if ur not a pussy

Spirytus is number one! I went to school with a bunch of DPs from Poland and the stuff was legendary amongst them. I have been wanting to try this stuff for over 30 years and my kids are getting me a bottle for Fathers Day. Can't wait

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