Jun 20, 2010

Top 5 Most Expensive Stamps in the World


Stamp collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Many people spend a lot of money to get a rare stamps from all over the world. The following is very expensive stamps from various countries in the world.


1. The Three-Skilling Yellow: $ 2.3 million

The Three-Skilling Yellow

The Three-Skilling Yellow, is a misprint stamp of the Swedish government in its first printing in 1855. Which normal postage only (which should be blue-green) also included in rare stamps. Three-Skilling Yellow is one of the rarest stamps and only one remaining. In 1984 a stamp was sold for 977.500 Swiss francs by David Feldman. In 1990 the sales reached one million dollars U.S. Then in 1996 sold for $ 2.3 million. And each time It’s sold always scored the highest number as a most expensive stamps in the world.


2. The first two Mauritius stamps: $1,072,260 – $1,148,850

The first two Mauritius stamps The first two stamps of Mauritius (1847) are the first two series of stamps issued by the British colonial government. Only one left for first stamps in unused condition and three second stamp with unused condition as well. In 1993 David Feldman auctioned the Mauritius stamps of Hiroyuki Kanai produces the highest record. The first orange stamp sold for $ 1,072,260 and the second for $ 1,148,850.


3. The inverted Jenny: $825,000 – $977,500

The inverted Jenny

The inverted Jenny is the 1918 U.S. postage stamp using image of plane Curtiss JN-4 and accidentally printed upside down. This is probably the most famous misprint in the world of American philately. Only 100 stamps of the remaining print, making it one of the most valuable misprint stamps. One full block inverted Jenny stamps sold at auction of Robert A. Siegel in October 2005 for U.S. $ 2.7 million. And in November 2007 an inverted Jenny stamps sold for U.S. $ 977,500. December 2007 a mint stamps (unused / not used) with very good condition sold to a Wall Street executive for $ 825,000.


4. British Guiana One Cent Black on Magenta: $935,000

British Guiana One Cent Black on Magenta

British Guiana One Cent Black on Magenta (1856) is included in the rarest and most expensive stamps. This Stamp printed on low quality paper in magenta with black ink, due to emergency conditions. Given there is only one piece left in the whole world, so this stamp was unique and no other else ever found. In 1980 has been auctioned to John Dupont for $ 935,000.


5. U.S. Franklin Z-Grill: $930,000

U.S. Franklin Z-Grill

U.S. Franklin Z-Grill, printed first in 1867, is the rarest of all postage stamps of the United States, only found 2 pieces that remain. In 1988 a stamp “Z-Grill” 1 cent printed in 1868 sold for $ 930,000.



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