Sep 10, 2010

Top 10 Tallest Lighthouses in the World

This article contains the Top 10 tallest lighthouses in the World.


1.) Jeddah Light *World’s Tallest Lighthouse


The tallest lighthouse ever constructed in the world is the concrete and steel Jeddah Light in Saudi Arabia. This mega structure is 133 meters tall. This spectacular lighthouse is located at the end of the outer pier on the north side of the entrance to Jeddah Seaport.


2.) Perry Memorial Monument *World’s 2nd Tallest Lighthouse


*Tallest Lighthouse in North America

*World’s Most Massive Doric Column

The Perry Memorial Monument in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, USA is the tallest lighthouse in North America. It is the 2nd tallest in the world with a height of 107 meter. This is also the world’s most massive Doric column. This memorial, which is a lighthouse at the same time, is visited by 200,000 people each year.


3.) Yokohama Marine Tower *World’s Tallest Skeletal Steel Lighthouse


*World’s 3rd Tallest Lighthouse

*Tallest Lighthouse in Japan

The impressive Yokohama Marine Tower is considered as the 3rd tallest lighthouse in the world with a height of 106 meters. This lattice tower with an observation deck at a height of 100 meters is located in Yokohama, Japan. It was built in 1961 is the tallest in Japan.


4.) Ile Vierge Lighthouse *World’s 4th Tallest Lighthouse


*World’s Tallest Traditional Lighthouse

*Tallest Stone Lighthouse in Europe

The Ile Vierge Lighthouse which is made of granite stone is the world’s tallest traditional lighthouse. This 82.5 meter tall structure which was completed in 1902 is located in Finistere, France. It is also the tallest stone lighthouse in Europe.


5.) Lighthouse of Genoa *World’s 5th Tallest Lighthouse


*World’s 2nd Tallest Traditional Lighthouse

*Tallest Lighthouse in the Mediterranean

The Lighthouse of Genoa is the world’s 2nd tallest traditional lighthouse with a height of 76 meters. This stone lighthouse, which is located in Genoa, Italy, is the tallest in the Mediterranean. This lighthouse which was built on the hill of San Benigno is one of the oldest standing structures of its kind in the world.


6.) Phare de Gatteville *World’s 6th Tallest Lighthouse


*World’s 3rd Tallest Traditional Lighthouse

Another tall stone lighthouse is the Phare de Gatteville. Gatteville-le Phare is also in France. This 75 meter tall lighthouse which is made of granite was completed in 1835. It is also known as Pointe de Barfleur Light. Phare de Gatteville is the world’s 3rd tallest traditional lighthouse.


7.) Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Light *World’s 7th Tallest Lighthouse


*World’s Tallest Range Light

*World’s 4th Tallest Traditional Lighthouse

*Tallest Lighthouse in Russia

The Red-White colored Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Light is a metal lighthouse located in St. Petersburg, Russia. This 73 meter high structure is the tallest in Russia. It is also the lighthouse with the tallest range light in the world. Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Light is the world’s 4th tallest traditional lighthouse.


8.) Mulan Tou Lighthouse *World’s 8th Tallest Lighthouse


*World’s 5th Tallest Traditional Lighthouse

*Tallest Lighthouse in China

Mulan Tou Lighthouse is the world’s 8th tallest lighthouse. This 72 meter tall structure in Hainan, China is the world’s 5th tallest traditional lighthouse. This concrete lighthouse, which was completed in 1995, is the tallest in the country. It is also known as the Hainan Head.


9.) Baisha Men Lighthouse *World’s 9th Tallest Lighthouse


*World’s 6th Tallest Traditional Lighthouse

Another tall lighthouse in China is the Baisha Men Lighthouse. This concrete structure with a height of 72 meters in Hainan province is the world’s 9th tallest lighthouse and the 6th tallest traditional. This beautifully structured lighthouse which was completed in 2000 is the 2nd tallest in China.


10.) Storozhenskiy Light *World’s 10th Tallest Lighthouse


*World’s 7th Tallest Traditional Lighthouse

*World’s 4th Tallest Stone Lighthouse

The world’s 10th tallest lighthouse is Storozhenskiy Light in Lake Ladoga, Russia. This lighthouse which is made of stone is 71 meters tall. Completed in 1911, Storozhenskiy Light is the world’s 7th tallest traditional lighthouse and the 4th tallest stone lighthouse. It is also known as Storozhno Light.

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