Nov 10, 2010

World's Most Expensive Jeans

jeans_00 Undoubtedly, the most famous of Levi Strauss's inventions (followed closely by jeans shorts and jeans jackets), blue jeans have been an American staple for over 140 years. Originally developed as work clothes for miners and cowboys, jeans have since gone from durable mess clothes to a trendy fashion statement.

While a pair of Lev`s today will run you about $60, there are many other jeans companies that are much less focused on value, and much more focused on making a statement. The following are just a few of the most expensive jeans known to man.


For All Mankind - AVERAGE PRICE: $150-300


Coming in appropriately at number 7, 7 For All Mankind jeans are impressively expensive pants. A fashion symbol for young kids with money to burn, a pair of these jeans will run anywhere from $150 to $300 per pair.

Although 7 is a status brand that doesn`t need to offer things like "sales" or "reasonably priced goods," they do offer free shipping on all orders over $150. This is incredibly nice of them, considering denim only costs $5 per yard. Picking up the tab on shipping cuts significantly into their 700% mark-up, but that`s okay: they are a brand for all mankind, so they are glad to do it.


Roberto Cavalli - AVERAGE PRICE: $700-1,200


One of the newer brands rocking the American classic is from Italy. Roberto Cavalli has caught the attention of J`Lo, as well as numerous other Hollywood fashionistas, so you know they`re pricey.

Ranging from $700 and $1200, Roberto Cavalli jeans have such luxury features as "belt loops" and "5 pockets" (seriously, they are bragging about these things). Other features not mentioned on the website, but are included with every purchase, include the fact that they are "blue," they are "pants," and people can "wear" them. Made from the exotic cotton plant, these denim bottoms will make you look like you`re the tops.


Gucci - AVERAGE PRICE: $600-3,100


Though most normal Gucci jeans retail for a somewhat reasonable $600, there was one pair made in 1998 that sold for $3,100.

The Gucci Genius Jeans (named after the people who refused to buy them) featured a hand-stitched floral pattern that looks like a combination between a pair of clown pants and a child`s quilt. By adorning a pair of already overpriced jeans with incredibly over priced flower pieces, Gucci was able to make an already ridiculous item even more ridiculous. Though these jeans are not available over-the-counter, there are many individuals who will sew whatever you want onto your jeans for a nominal fee.


APO - AVERAGE PRICE: $1,000-4,000


APO has one goal in mind: to make a custom fit jeans tailored to you and only you. Can anyone really put a price on such luxury? Yes. APO can. That price is between 1 and 4 thousand dollars per pair.


The main difference in price appears to be caused by the type of rivets and buttons available. Custom shoppers will have to make a choice between 14k gold, platinum, or diamond hardware to accompany their navy blue loin cloths. While it may seem ridiculous to put such lavish jewelry on pants, the reality is this: more people check out your butt than your neck or wrist, so you might as well accent it with some bling.


Key Closet - AVERAGE PRICE: $10,000


If Lady Gaga is into them, you know they must be good ("good" being Latin for "stupidly expensive"). Although it is mind boggling to think that there are people in this world who would spend more money on pants than most people do on cars, Key Closet makes that improbability a reality.

Featuring the always classy combination of a tiger and a dragon, Key Closet offers a pair of diamond and Swarovski crystal studded pants for men. You know, men? The same individuals who dug holes, and blew up mountains wearing jeans a century ago? The same individuals who are rolling in their graves at the thought of the things they were mining being permanently fixed to the crappy pants they wore while mining for them? Yeah, those guys. They have diamond pants now.


Dussault - AVERAGE PRICE: $250,000


When the family jewels are used to cover the family jewels, the resulting product is overwhelmingly expensive. How expensive? Dussault Apparel`Ss line of Trashed Denim jeans will run you a cool $250,000

Made from $249, 990 worth of gold & diamonds and $10 worth of thrift store jeans, the Trashed Denim line makes "Sthe homeless look" incredibly glamorous. Looking faded, stressed, dirty, and old, these jeans rely on their bling value to make them worth anything more than $2 at a garage sale. Although wearing them could be a powerful status statement, you may be better off melting them down, pawning the diamonds, and using what`s left as a car towel.


Secret Circus - AVERAGE PRICE: $1.3 Million


Perhaps the most unassuming of the expensive jeans, this pair of denim bottoms features a simple and elegant diamond studded patch on the rear right pocket. The price tag? 1.3 million dollars.

Due to the size, color and clarity of the diamonds, that elegant patch is actually a ridiculous display of perfection. The question remains, what better way to display the 15 most brilliant diamonds ever mined than on the ass of a woman`s pair of pants? Although this looks radiant, sitting in these jeans can actually be quite painful.



Although the jeans continues to become more and more expensive, the basic design hasn`t changed in over a century. Still the workhorse of the American wardrobe, blue jeans are everyone`s favorite clothing item, which may explain why some people are so anxious to adorn it with jewelry. Whether you are a member of Hollywood' s A-list or just a regular shmoe who likes feeling comfortable, nothing beats a good pair of jeans.



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That's a very good collection of some good jeans, I liked the simpler ones much more than the other and they are indeed worth the cost they have been listed after all designer wears ought to be a little costly.

I would agree to the point that the design just keeps on changing with the passing of time and a very little change occurs time to time and the basic if taken a look at will be find to be much differentiated.

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