Feb 24, 2011

Cowboys Stadium - The Most Expensive NFL Stadium

Cowboys-new-stadium 00 Jerry Jones’ $1.2 billion Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys offers fans experience like no other.

At the moment, the Dallas Cowboys have the most expensive stadium in NFL history.

It could be said, however, that the stadium represents the here and the now, considering that the NFL is the biggest revenue generator among the world’s pro sports leagues (and the Cowboys are the most valuable franchise). Designed by HKS Architects, Cowboys Stadium is 3 million square feet–the NFL’s largest indoor venue. It seats 80,000 spectators but can comfortably accommodate 100,000 thanks to fan-friendly, standing-room-only spaces among the 10 levels of the facility. The domed, retractable roof is the world’s largest at 660,800 square feet, yet takes a mere 12 minutes to open or close. The roof is supported by two steel arched trusses that run beyond the expanse of the Stadium and rise 292 feet above field level at their apex.


The stadium is the largest domed stadium in the world, has the world's largest column-free interior and the largest high definition video screen which hangs from 20 yard line to 20 yard line. The facility can also be used for a variety of other activities outside of its main purpose (professional football) such as concerts, religious ceremonies, basketball games, college football and high school football contests, soccer matches, Motorcross races and rodeos similar to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Measuring 160 feet wide and 72 feet tall (11,520 sq. feet), the high-definition television screen at Cowboys Stadium is the world's largest.

In addition to the retractable roof, the Stadium boasts the world’s largest retractable end-zone doors, each consisting of five glass panels–129 feet high by 180 feet wide–that open or close in 18 minutes. According to Jones, 60% of game-day spectators will enter the stadium through these enormous openings.

“We really wanted to have an airy stadium. You could play an NFL football game, have the required measurement of candlelight as they call it … and never turn a light on,” says Jones.

Average reserve ticket price for Cowboys Stadium is $90, and club seats cost $340. Standing-room admission is set at $29. Not a bad price, considering how easy it’ll be to see all the action on the video board.

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