Mar 11, 2011

Top 10 Most Expensive Video Games In The World

most expensive video games Before year 2000, Doom was known as the most expensive in the world with a total production cost $200.000. Today, that amount of money is nothing when compared with these game titles below. This is the list of in the world in the 21st century.





10. Killzone 2: $45 million

Killzone 2

Killzone is new PS3 games titles and one of the most anticipated titles. The development took 4 years and $45.000.000 budget in total.


9. Final Fantasy XII: $48 million

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy has a great plot and nice graphic. New Final fantasy 12 was developed with higher budget and better technology. The total cost to build this game is estimated $48 million.


8. LA Noire: $50 million

LA Noire

This game is filled with cinematic video game quality and better special effect. LA Noire offers a great view of old LA in 1940s and it cost $50 millions to develop it.


7. APB: $50 million


Realtime Worlds, as the developer, spent $50 million to build APB and the company should wait 5 years of development before they can officially introduced this game to the world.


6. Halo 3: $55 million

Halo 3

Halo 3 had spent $55 million for the development. The development reach the whole aspect and the developer team did a great job to make Halo 3 as one of the most favorite game in the world.


5. Metal Gear Solid 4: $60 million

Metal Gear Solid 4

Konami ready to invest $60 millions to make this game enjoyed and appreciated by millions of game players. It took 4 years of development to build the game from the concept and it is proved that their working is worthily.


4. Too Human: $60+ million

Too Human

Too human confronted many problems during the development because the developer deserted this project for other game once it was almost completed. It was luck that the developer finally decided to complete once they were fueled with another $10 millions budget. In total, the development cost was $70 millions.


3. Shenmue: $70 million


Shenmue is recorded as one of the most expensive games at all time but unfortunately this record was not happy the investors. This game failed in sales although it already deserted $70 millions dollars.


2. Gran Turismo 5: $80 million

Gran Turismo 5

The game is not yet launched but it already spent 5 years of development and $80 million budget. This new Gran turismo is completed with 1000 cars and the graphic is sharper and more realistic than the previous edition. Soon, we will see together how market will respond this game.


1. Grand Theft Auto 4: $100 million

Grand Theft Auto

When the game was introduced to market, most of them surprised that Rockstar game , as the publisher, had to recruit 1000 peoples and $100 million budget to make this game available for everyone.As Information, Total time to develop this game was 3.5 years.



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The game is not yet launched but it already spent 5 years of development and $80 million budget.

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