Nov 16, 2011

3 Awesome Sony PSP Games [review]

While the iPhone may have stolen the show when comes to casual handheld gaming, the Sony PSP still has some great titles if you’re looking for advanced game play with rich story lines. Here’s a short list of some of our favorites. If you think we missed a great Sony PSP game worthy of this list then please leave a comment below.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep


Kingdom Hearts was an extensive hit when it debuted years ago. When the sequel did a great deal to extend the franchise’s popularity, the prequel now in improvement by Square Enix has gigantic possible. Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep usually takes players to the planet of Kingdom Hearts just before the world-shattering events with the 1st online game, for an unique take on each of the favorite characters.





Midnight Club: LA Remix

Midnight Club LA Remix

In the event you you should not like stiff opposition (aka hard games), then keep away from this game. The brand new AI drivers are all enormously experienced; a lot more qualified than a wide range of players, it appears.

Combined with the very long checklist of to choose from cars and trucks, the massive satisfaction of customizing your car and also incredible design and style in the racetrack close to the city so you possess a killer PSP title designed to be a superb reward for just about any gamer along with a need for speed.

Midnight Club LA Remix 02



God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War Chains of Olympus

The God of War PSP games have extended been often known as a high quality franchise to the adult gamer searching for in excess of a bit of hack-n-slash excitement. The newest installation finds Kratos doing work with the gods of Mount Olympus and killing factors alongside the way in which, a great deal on the enjoyment of gamers. This installation will not take the game story any even more, but, while in the spirit of your new Kingdom Hearts online game, brings gamers to an earlier time with the game’s storyline.

God of War Chains of Olympus 02


Naturally, there are plenty of other PSP games on the market. With the vast collection of PSP games, videos and downloadable content, the PSP platform is still a viable entertainment platform. If you want to read about some more PSP games then check out my Top 10 PSP Games blog post.



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