Feb 27, 2012

New World Record: The Sausage longer than 2km!

Kobasicijada is an international sausage festival organized annually in the village of Turija, Serbia. 28. festivals had been held as of 24 - 26 February, 2012; it is one of the biggest and most popular village festivals in Serbia. The festival is attended by tens of thousands of people every year.


Organisers of an annual sausage festival in the Serbian village of Turija today said they had made the world's longest sausage.

Twelve butchers used the meat of 30 pigs, 30 kilos of paprika, 30 kilos of chili, 122 kilos of salt and ten kilos of garlic to make a sausage 2028 metres (6653.5 feet) long.

They had been preparing the sausage for two days and two nights, but unfortunately, the representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records did not come to register the new world record for the longest sausage.

If you are a fan of sausage this is the opportunity to try, on one place, sausages prepared in various ways (fresh, smoked, baked, boiled) and to attend to create the world's longest sausage.

Every day from 8am to 5pm, sale of fresh, dried and roasted sausages and other meat products.

More pictures of the world’s longest sausage:


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