Jan 5, 2013

World’s Biggest Human Body Parts

The human body is the entire structure of a human organism, and consists of a head, neck, torso, two arms and two legs. By the time the human reaches adulthood, the body consists of close to 100 trillion cells, the basic unit of life. These cells are organised biologically to eventually form the whole body.
Below is a list of the world's biggest human body parts…

World’s Biggest Head

Sain Mumtaz has the most extraordinary big head – but what is causing its extreme growth and how Sain might be treated is a total mystery. This terribly disfigured man lives around 100km from the Pakistani city of Lahore on the road to the town of Narowal.

Sain was told as a child that he suffered from Proteus syndrome – the same condition as Joseph Merrick, the original Elephant Man. But Proteus is renowned for affecting only one side of the body, to the trained eye the symmetrical deformity of Sain’s face and skull suggests he is probably suffering from a different condition– but which of the many rare congenital dysmorphologies could it be? (read more)

World’s Biggest Nose


In July 6, 2007, the Guinness Book of Records recorded the nose of Mehmet Ozyurek as the biggest nose in the world. It measured 8.8 centimeters or 3.5 inches. He currently resides in the City of Artvin in Turkey. However, an individual named Faizan Agha recently broke this record. He hails from the City of Rawalpindi in Pakistan. His nose has a measurement of 12.19 centimeters or 4.8 inches.


World’s Longest Tongue


German schoolgirl Annika Irmler has licked up a place in the Guinness Book of Records with her whopping seven centimetre tongue. She commented: “My friends always said I had an incredibly long tongue – I could make lots of money with it one day.”

World’s Biggest Mouth

Francisco Domingo Joaquim from Angola has the widest mouth in the world.
The lips and cheeks of this 20 year old were measured, at full stretch, to be 17 cm (6.69 in).

World’s Largest Ears

Daryl "Bear" Belmares (born July 10, 1956) has the world's largest stretched earlobes at 5 1/2 inches. He is a pastor at His Place Austin and a piercer. He appears in the movie Modify.

World’s Biggest Eyes

Kim Goodman is a woman who is able to pop her eyes out of her eye sockets by 12 millimeters (0.47 inches). She holds the world record for the farthest eyeball protrusion. She lives in Chicago, Illinois. She discovered her eyeball popping talent one day when she was hit on the head with a hockey mask. Her eyeballs popped out much further than usual and ever since that day she could pop them out on cue, as well as when she yawns. (wikipedia)


World’s Longest Female Hair

The world’s longest documented hair belongs to Xie Qiuping from China at 5.627 m (18 ft 5.54 in) when measured on May 8, 2004. She has been growing her hair since 1973 from the age of 13 and has no plans to book into Vidal Sassoon for this season’s pixie cut any time soon.

World's Longest Neck

The maximum known extension of a human neck is 40 cm (15.75 in) and was created by the successive fitting of copper coils, as practiced by the women of the Padaung or Kareni tribe of Myanmar (Burma) as a sign of beauty. Their necks eventually become so long and weak that they cannot support their heads without the coils. In some tribes the coils are removed to punish women who have committed adultery. (read more)

World's Largest Hand

Chinese man Lui Hua suffers from a rare condition known as macrodactyly. When he was hospitalized in Shanghai on July 2007, his left thumb measured 10.2 inches and his index finger measured close to 12. On July 20 surgeons undertook a seven-hour operation to reduce the size of Liu's fingers and thumb. Doctors removed 11 pounds of flesh and bone in the procedure. A second surgery is scheduled to take place. (Read more at http://www.oddee.com/)

World’s Biggest Biceps

Gregg Valentino is one of the most controversial yet popular bodybuilding icons. He started bodybuilding at the age of 13. After over 23 years of training naturally Gregg decided to experiment with steroids. During this time his arms grew from an impressive 100% natural 21" to an in-human 28". So how much can Greg bicep curl? A whopping 300 pounds!


World’s Longest Nails

Lee Redmond from the US, has not cut her nails since 1979,  growing and carefully manicuring them to reach a total length of 8.65 m (28 ft 4.5 in) as measured on the set of Lo Show Dei Record in Spain on 23 February 2008. And, most bizarrely of all? She’s a hairdresser!

World’s Longest Legs

“She’s got legs, she knows how to use them”, goes that old ZZ Top song.
You can say that twice for Svetlana Pankratova, the proud owner of the world’s longest female legs.
Although this former basketball player has an above average height of 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m), the amazing legs length of 4 feet 4 inches (132 cm) is still quite a feat, to say the least.

World’s Biggest Feet

The tallest man in recorded history, Robert Wadlow, reached a dizzying height of 8′ 11” (2.72 m), which made him about 3 feet (0.9 m) taller than his own father.
In order to keep such a giant firmly on the ground one must also have gigantic feet, which Robert Wadlow most certainly did with a size 36.5 foot (UK size 36, Europe size 71) making this American the owner of biggest feet in the world.



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