Aug 31, 2010

Top 10 American Banks

logo1 There is large number of banks in America with large quantity of assets capital, but here I arrange top ten Banks in USA and these banks are so famous as American banking and financial institutions, these banks are as under with their assets.



Rank: 01


Name of Bank: Bank of America Corp

Headquarter: Charlotte, N.C..

Assets: $1,082,243,000


Rank: 02


Name of Bank: J. P. Morgan Chase & Company

Headquarter: Columbus, Ohio

Assets: $1,013,985,000


Rank: 03


Name of Bank: Citigroup

Headquarter: New York, N.Y

Assets: 706,497,000


Rank: 04

Wachovia Corp.

Name of Bank: Wachovia Corp.

Headquarter: Charlotte, N.C.

Assets: $472,143,000


Rank: 05

Wells Fargo & Company

Name of Bank: Wells Fargo & Company

Headquarter: Sioux Falls, S.D.)

Assets: $403,258,000


Rank: 06


Name 0f Bank: U.S. BC

Headquarter: Cincinnati, Ohio

Assets: $208,867,000


Rank: 07

Suntrust Banks, Inc.

Name of Bank: Suntrust Banks, Inc.

Headquarter: Atlanta, Ga.

Assets: $177,231,000


Rank: 08

HSBC North America Inc.

Name of Bank: HSBC North America Inc.

Headquarter: Wilmington, Del.

Assets: $150,679,000


Rank: 09


Name of Bank: Keybank

Headquarter: Cleveland, Ohio

Assets: $88,961,000


Rank: 10

State Street Corp.

Name of Bank: State Street Corp.

Headquarter: Boston, Mass.

Assets: $87,888,000



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