Aug 17, 2010

World’s Biggest BBQ

The world’s biggest BBQ is now British. At over 16ft long, 4.9ft wide and 11.5ft tall this ‘God-grilla’ can cook over 1000 sausages or 500 burgers at the same time.


Jack Henriques, an engineer who runs the Bespoke BBQ Company, took three months to build this behemoth. The ‘God-grilla’ has seven coal trays attached to Jack’s trademark scissor-jack system, helping to raise and lower the grills without having to move the meat.

This bespoke barbecue can roast the inhabitants of a small farm in an afternoon. It can cook seven whole lambs, three pigs or two cows in any one sitting. So it’s perfect for performing it’s current job of catering for wedding and party guests at Cripps Barn in the Cotswolds.


If you want to impress your friends with one of these giants there are a few things to consider:

• ‘God-grilla’ costs £10,000
• The BBQ needs three chefs when running at full capacity
• It requires 14 bags of charcoal to get started
• The coals generate temperatures of 500 degrees centigrade
• This two tonne barbecue is not designed for most home patios

So if you have the cash, the manpower, a lot of charcoal, the space and a lot of hungry friends then this is the grill for you.

There are other monster barbecues including the larger truck BBQ in Texas, but it’s considered to be ‘a smoker’ rather than a traditional fixed charcoal BBQ. So for now Jack Henriques is the proud creator of a record breaking barbecue.



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