Oct 22, 2010

River Monster: “Giant Piranha”

River Monster - Giant Piranha 00

British angler Jeremy Wade looks understandably anxious as he grapples with this ferocious-looking 'giant piranha'.

The 52-year-old caught the aptly-named goliath tigerfish during a fishing expedition up the Congo River in Africa.

The brave fisherman was forced to hold the fish at arms-length for fear of being bitten by its razor-sharp teeth while posing with it for the camera.

River Monster - Giant Piranha 01

The goliath tigerfish is one of the most fearsome freshwater fish in the world and said to be a much bigger and d*adlier version of the piranha.

The giant fish has 32 teeth that are of similar size to those of a great white shark and has been known to attack humans and even crocodiles.

It has only ever been caught by a handful of fishermen due to the danger it poses and the fact its habitat is notoriously hard to reach.

Wade, the host of ITV's River Monsters show, said he took extra care when reeling in this specimen, which weighed more than 100lbs and was 5ft long.

The TV programme looks into mythical reports from around the world of humans being attacked by unknown monsters from the deep before the British host sets out to find and catch the suspect.

Commenting on the goliath tigerfish, Wade said: 'This fish is no tench. It is, for all intents and purposes, a giant piranha. It is quite a  B-E-A-S-T.

River Monster - Giant Piranha 02

River Monster - Giant Piranha 03

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Curious is that this animal never killed one man (at less documented).

That was indeed brave of the fisherman to be holding the piranha. The teeth indeed will run a chill down the spine of many. The water droplets clinging to its razor sharp teeth makes it to be a fiery collection.

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