Apr 24, 2011

10 Most Spectacular Royal Weddings

prince-william-kate-middleton-01 Stroll through your neighborhood and you will notice that there is only one topic nowadays being discussed by everyone which is the upcoming Royal wedding of Prince William with not so royal Kate Middleton.

Whats interesting about royal wedding is the complete different scale on which they are done. From decorations to food everything has its own class, unmatchable and reputable.

Here compiled is a list of some of the most spectacular Royal weddings world has ever seen.


Wedding of Queen Beatrix-Netherlands


In 1966 Princess Beatrix got married to a german aristocrat in a wedding that caused riots all over the country for quiet sometime. Princess became Queen in 1980.


Prince Philippe


Prince Philippe got married to Princess Mathilde on 4th Dec, 1999 in Brussels. When Prince Philippe will assume the throne, Princess Mathilde will become first Belgian born Queen.


King Abdullah of Jordan


For Queen Rania it was truly a fairy tale. From an Apple employee to Princess of Jordan was one journey she said in one of her interview. King Abdullah wed Queen Rania in 1993.


Prince Haakon


Prince Haakon got married to Princess Mette-Marit who was a single mother at that time. Engagement infuriated Norwegian people, many thought that his choice was inappropriate.


Prince Frederik of Denmark


In May,2004 Prince Frederik who was the most eligible bachelor in europe at that time got married to Princess Mary Elizabeth in Copenhagen. Couple first met at Sydney Olympics 2000.


Brunei Sultan’s Daughter


Daughter of Brunei”s Sultan Princess hajah married a civil servent. Wedding was a part of ten days of celebrations nation wide. More then 2500 guests witnessed the marriage in a palace made mostly of Gold.


Prince Charles to Princess Diana


The wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana took place on 29th July 1981. The whole world was captivated by this royal wedding which was large, extravagant, and wondrous. This global event was televised live. It was a fairytale wedding.


Prince Felipe


Prince Felipe got married on 22nd May, 2004 with a former CNN journalist in a wedding which was live broadcasted on TV and was seen by millions around the globe.


Swedish Crown Princess Victoria’s Royal Wedding

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria’s Royal Wedding_resize

Princess Victoria got married to Prince Daniel on 19 June,2010. After the wedding the newlyweds were driven through Stockholm in a coach. On the evening before the wedding, there was a gala concert dedicated to the couple.


Prince William’s to Kate Middleton


Lastly, the wedding for which this post has been written. Undoubtedly the most anticipated wedding and most highlighted event of this year is the wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton. Wedding is scheduled for 29th of April.



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