Apr 11, 2011

Top 10 Funny Football (Soccer) Videos

Terry-01 WHAT some people find funny, others can find extremely annoying.

Here, some people get extremely annoyed and that's what makes them funny.

You'll also find a fair mix of amateur escapades, managerial moans and downright stupidity as we present a selection of our favourite football clips.

The qualification process was simple. The moment had to be the real deal, no put up jobs, no staged ball juggling or comedy clashes scripted for the camera.

Check out these funny videos and get a laugh:


10. Bridge the gap

THE cameras were twitching at Stamford Bridge when love rat John Terry extended his hand to former best pal Wayne Bridge. Will they? Won't they?


9. Keane not so keen

IT'S a brave man who lets his mobile phone interrupt a Roy Keane press conference.


8. The Spain barrier

BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER was trying to explain how Germany had just lost the final of Euro 2008. Spain's victorious players arrived to give him some vocal support.


7. It's my party

OKAY, bit of a cheat here, this is American Football. But I just couldn't resist the passion on display from Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens after a defeat by New York Giants.


6. Rafa's rant at Fergie

A matter of FACT performance from Rafa Benitez.


5. Making a good impression

Regular customer Darren Farley wowed his local newsagent on Merseyside by mimmicking some of his Liverpool heroes. One mobile phone clip later and Darren had become an internet sensation.


4. Throw caution to the wind

IT'S a throw in to the other team. You stand in your opponent's way, taking care to cover your crown jewels. But on the football field, nothing is safe.


3. Bin dipping Bullard

Hull City midfielder Jimmy Bullard is a comedy legend as he proved here by 'driving' the team's kit bin during his Wigan days.


2. Steve McClaren goes Dutch

I sort of sink zis is manager, former, of England, Steve McClaren, giving TV Dutch interview, you know, after living two weeks in foreign land. Shvery good.


1. Harry in a huff

Portsmouth's training ground has never been so blue. "No wonder he's in the f****** reserves."



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