Apr 17, 2011

The Most Expensive Shotgun In The World

Most-Expensive-Shotgun-Rifle-Screen The Swedish company VO Vapen, which manufactures an exclusive weapon. Today, the company produces the most luxurious hunting rifles that are made ​​entirely by hand.

All products are very limited edition: the year is only a few guns. The price of this unique weapon is 820,000 dollars, making it the most expensive gun in the world. It is more expensive than a good home.

















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This is a bolt action rifle, not a shotgun.

I know it's a shotgun. Other posters know it isn't a shotgun. the reposting 'blogger" probably thinks, "OMG! A scary ASSAULT GUN!"

it is very clearly a shotgun, obviously you all have no idea about firearms...

Well yea, of course it's a shotgun! The bolt action is a dead giveaway (sarcasm). Come on people, stop posting shit online if you don't know what you are talking about. And don't say "Well we didn't know". Then why are you looking at this? You must know at least the difference between a rifle and shotgun. Just sayin'
Wicked gun though, I dunno if it's $820 000 good, but still...

Don't try to post articles about firearms if you don't know anything about firearms. Please.


"it is very clearly a shotgun, obviously you all have no idea about firearms..."

I hope you're being sarcastic there.

This is not a shotgun, However bolt-action shotguns do exist, this is not one of them.

Bolt shotguns do exist, I own an old bolt action .410... However, unless whoever's specific gun this is requested a shotgun be built, this is a rifle. A daggum beautiful one at that, almost too pretty to ever fire

VO Falcon Edition

A special edition with unique details

The VO Falcon Edition is a tribute to the deep rooted traditions of falconry in the Arabian world. The rifles are covered with beautiful portrait engravings and details of Peregrine falcons and Saker falcons.

To tie the VO Falcon Edition even stronger to the Middle East region, the octagon barrels of the rifles are made of Damascus steel. As far as we know, it is the one and only rifle in the world, with barrels made of Damaskus steel.

The VO Falcon Edition is the first VO take down rifle built with full stock. It is made of the best walnut root available and contributes to make this collection state of the art.

The five rifles in the edition are totally unique, individually marked and tied together with small details making them a part of this exclusive limited edition.

Rifle #1 in the collection is ready for delivery.

This is from their website, about this "shotgun" Link to the page:

"OH IM SMART THIS ISNT A SHOTGUN ITS A BOLT ACTION RIFLE" i dont care what it is but just because you play call of duty doesnt make you a gun expert

My father owns a bolt-action shotgun with a 4 shell magazine

that's nice for your father, but this is a 30.06 rifle

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